About He Shuxin

I am a Cartoonist and a Art Education Provider in Singapore.

Less Perfect World

Let say we all live in a perfect world. In the perfect world there are a perfect you and me and we are known as the perfect being. How does this sound to you? It sounds to me that we must be living in some sort of paradise that is without hated and sufferings.James Leong & Franken Doll’s Perfect World Today points towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) living with us. In The Future of Us exhibition, it seems that Singapore is moving towards this direction as well except that it (exhibition) is far away from anything perfect.

Start thinking now how is it like to be perfect then? Then think about the people you know who have a perfect career but may not have a perfect love-life; the perfect beauty may not have the perfect hubby and the list goes on. It is very hard to imagine the criteria to be perfect unless you have something to compare with. Maybe when we all lived in a perfect world one day, we won’t say the perfect word anymore!


Perfect Pet

Perfect Pet

Perfect Granny

Perfect Granny

Perfect Boss

Perfect Boss

Perfect Son

Perfect Son



Perfect World Today


Authors: James Leong & Franken Doll

Perfect World Today is a series of  8 preludes, culminating in the epic Perfect World Saga. The story is about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an important role in the human society. The authors viewed human being to be unreliable at times of need and the existence of an AI, whether they are in the form of a human or a software, makes peoples’ life manageable and breathable. The story reflects on peoples’ dependence on AI not just as a helper, but as a member of a family such as your granny, son, pet, boss and even your lover!

I bought this comic book from James Leong & Franken Doll during the January Panelgraph’s meet. I must admit there is an urge to support fellow artists in our comics industry but what really makes me open my wallet is the art on the cover page. I am curious. I am curious what is the story behind those lovingly, heart warming and peaceful images. Frankly speaking, the images on the cover page is ‘disturbing’ to me when I first look at it. I love the art, no question about that. What disturbed me is the peaceful look on the child’s face (it reminds me of the Buddha when he is a young boy then) and his connection with the animals. Is the boy the main character in the story? Is he having some form of power to control the animals? Or perhaps the animals are his friend? I just want to know if my speculation is correct but as expected, you never know until you read it.

Perfect World Today is not the usual comic book you see on the book shelf. If you expect something entertaining and thrill to read, this is not the book you are looking for. If you think this is a story about a few animal friends in the human world, I think that shall disappoint you as well. If you want some thought provoking story that is challenging to the brain, yes, you come in to the right store!

The story has a surreal touch which may throw you back into the nostalgic 50s/60s setting of the western world in my opinion. It do has a feel of futuristic content (if you are in the 50s/60s era) that is not so advance in our digital age. Perhaps this is the beauty of Perfect World Today. It makes me realised that there is a perfect world for each generation to come. Perfect World Today is James Leong & Franken Doll interpretation of their perfect generation. What is a Perfect World for us then? I am looking forward to an answer in their next book.


Motivation for the elderly

Recently, I met up with my insurance agent for a thorough review of my insurance policies. I asked him does I have enough coverage. He told me that when I reached the age of 60, I should have at least half a million dollars either in saving alone or together with the life plan that I bought, it should generate about that amount. Half a million dollars isn’t enough at all! He told me if I want to retire comfortably, I should have at least one million dollar by then! I was blanked for a while.

The question here is how much is enough? What is our need when we aged? Lots of Money, Health, Happiness, a Life…or a little of everything? Let says we have the money, then what are you going to do with your money? Imagine yourself in the shoe of a 80 years old man/woman. Would your motivation be travelling? Fulfilling your dream? Buying a big house for your grandchildren? Learning a skill or… Maybe we can ask around the next time we make friends with some elderly folks.



New Year Resolution 2016

My recent holiday retreats has allowed me to reflect on my life in these past years. What have I done? What have I missing out? As an art instructor teaching cartooning and fine arts, I am constantly aiming for mastery in the area of teaching (crafting and delivery of lesson) and has taken steps to upgrade myself. In the past years, I have enrolled in diploma and certificate courses that is related to art teaching such as Specialist Diploma in Art Education (NIE-NTU) as well as courses and talks that is related to teaching arts for special need chiildren (SSTI). Tonight I shall be attending a new course, Teaching The Arts in an Early Childhood Environment, conducted by Seed Institute.This is a three month certificate course that shall allow me to understand more on teaching arts to preschoolers between the age of 4 to 6 years old.  Thank you NAC for the heavy fee subsidy in all the courses I have enrolled, without which, the course fees itself can piled up to an easy10K!

As an art educator, it is necessary for us to build our teaching portfolio and gain enough teaching experiences and knowledge in the field of art education. However mastery of skills in the area of fine arts and cartooning is also important. This is the second portfolio that teaching artists like us should have! These are the areas I need to work at and the year 2016 is the perfect time to do so. The direction is set and I have resolved most of my mental cluttered, what that is needed to be done is to DO IT.

Action is LOUDER than Words


Have more Patience and Empathy


Put on something Different


Keep On Track in the rat race


Be Yourself at the end of the day and Do what you Enjoy / Enjoy what you Do


Get ready for more Ridiculous Cartoons :)) in 2016

Hazy Days




Haze…has already become an Unwanted part of our life! Haze…may become a “festival”, where a certain time every year, we say hello to our N95 mask. Believe it or not, it began in 1997/98 till now, 18 years! Happy 18th Haze festival? Celebrate? No way!!!

Blue tourmaline gemstones


My recent hobby is into collecting affordable crystals and stones. Crystals/stones like phantom quartz; citrine; beryl; lapis; turquoise and so on are under my radar. I enjoyed shopping for crystals in brick and mortar stores like New Age FSG which is located in town. You get to touch and feel for yourself the crystals before you make your purchase. You can asked the salesperson if you wish to know more about a certain crystal metaphysical properties or do some reading online or from books like The Crystal Bible. However buying gemstones can be pricey if the sources and colour are scarce and this is where buying online can be a very different experience. The problem of buying online like from Ebay is we do not know whether we are getting what we have paid for. The real thing can looked very different from a picture on screen which is what I experienced recently when I purchased a tourmaline from an Ebay store. Luckily we communicated and she sent me the correct item together with a matching pair of tourmaline earrings which she gave me for free. It also turns out that I purchased the earlier item at a discounted price. So what is the  message I want to shared in this blog? I think it is important to COMMUNICATE before making any irreversible action like blaming or pointing fingers at the fault of others. There are people who have intention to cheat your money but I am sure there are also many honest dealer who will honor fair deal. In my case,I am lucky that the seller is a really nice lady who make sure her mistake did not become a bad experience for me!

General Election 2015

GE 2015 001b

I do not wish to be involve in politics of any kind, but I kinda enjoy hearing/watching people discussing about serious issues that may change our life. Will a change in method of governing the country be better or for the worst, no one can tell. Not now at least. This year general election really turns the otherwise boring school holiday into a “carnival”, or a “circus” where all related parties gathered to bring a show to the audiences. You don’t have to pay a ticket to watch the show, but you have to pay a price through your votes. It seems that the future of Singapore lies in our votes. At least it seems that we can change our future for the better!

Creative Market 2015







Personally I enjoyed this year Creative Market organised by TCZ Studio. The reasons are mainly because the venue is good (location, size, convenient) and the crowd is consistent since Raffles City is a shopping mall. I did get to make some new friends and not forgetting to buy some comic books and handmade items. It is a wonderful experience and I’m looking forward to the event next year!