About He Shuxin

I am a Cartoonist and a Art Education Provider in Singapore.

Singapore Original Comics Festival 2015 (Art Exhibition)



The Singapore Original Comics Festival 2015 begins on 18th April and lasted for about a month.

Opening Ceremony on this coming Saturday 18th April 2015
Time: 11.30 am
Venue: Central Public Library Basement 1 Exhibition Area.
(MRT: Bugis, City Hall)
Guest of Honor: Ms Peggy Leong, Deputy Director (Arts & Youth),
National Arts Council

Do check out the exciting programme at http://www.tczstudio.com/sgocf/


Facts & the Truth

Fact: The recent traffic law states that drivers using or holding a device while driving will               be penalized.


pin pong cartoons 16


Fact:  A minister has said that service for the country cannot be measured in                                 dollars and cents.


pin pong cartoons 18


Fact:  The government has urged that Singaporean should stay around during the period              of SG50 celebration.


pin pong cartoons 17







Tiger Prawn & Rabbit Fish

pin pong cartoon 14.psdpin pong cartoon 15.psd

We often take for granted that seafood are meant for our consumption. We may rear fishes at home for our viewing pleasure but we seldom feel a lot for fishes and the prawns in the ocean other than delicacies on the dinning table (whales, dolphins and sharks are exception). Likewise we may see animals on land a little differently especially when we think of them as pet or perhaps, a companion. Would we eat our pet and companion then?

Animal Ruled

pin pong cartoons 009 b

pin pong cartoons 008 b

pin pong cartoons 10 b

We too often decide what is this or that from our view point. We see animals as either pets, food or some species that co-exists with us. What if this perception is reverse? What if animal speaks and has equal rights in our human world? Will we still be the rulers of this world?

Permanent Resident – Pigeons


pin pong cartoons 005 b

pin pong cartoons 12 b

pin pong cartoons 007 b

Pigeons are some of the common birds that lives in Singapore. They can be seen everywhere: at temples; hawker centres; void decks; under MRT tracks to name a few. Pigeon learn fast when it comes to feeding time (they recognises the person who holds the food). They are highly adaptable in our environment and doesn’t seems bothered by the “Do not feed the pigeon” sign! Paradise is everywhere so long there is food.