SuperPowers United Movement (SUM)


Covid-19 has already put a toll to our life and the world we are living is now at a standstill.

We have seen people dying and struggling in order to survive in this drastic situation.

But still, there are a group of people like you and I, who has family and children, they are staying in the front line working tirelessly just to make sure we are safe.

And to keep them safe too and to make their effort worth while, the one thing we can do is to stay at home obediently.

What can we do as we are now stuck at home?

Instead of feeling useless, what can we do to be useful again?

Instead of being helpless, how do we help and support each other without leaving our house?

Use Our SuperPower

We all have SUPERPOWER!

And the source of this power lies in our beliefs.

When you believe in your beliefs, that is when you began to think creatively.

How do you use your talent to inspire and cheer one another at this time?

If you are an artist, your superpower is to inspire others with your creation…

If you are a teacher, your superpower is to nurture and bridge existing idea with new knowledge…

If you are a singer, your superpower is to connect peoples’ heart with your song…

What is your SuperPower?

We Can Do This

Post a drawing, painting, cartoon, comics, poem, a song, a tasty recipe, a special skill or do a video of yourself sharing/teaching what you are passionate about to the world.

Let us encourage and remind one another that we all have a role to play in this fight and we can do so by staying at home.

Connect to our SuperPower and make it Great Again!


You can post your creation on your FaceBook and tag Arttention.

Include SUM in your creation so that we can identify your participation.


You can post your creation on your Instagram and #superpowers_sum.

Include SUM  in your creation so that we can identify your participation.