Blue tourmaline gemstones


My recent hobby is into collecting affordable crystals and stones. Crystals/stones like phantom quartz; citrine; beryl; lapis; turquoise and so on are under my radar. I enjoyed shopping for crystals in brick and mortar stores like New Age FSG which is located in town. You get to touch and feel for yourself the crystals before you make your purchase. You can asked the salesperson if you wish to know more about a certain crystal metaphysical properties or do some reading online or from books like The Crystal Bible. However buying gemstones can be pricey if the sources and colour are scarce and this is where buying online can be a very different experience. The problem of buying online like from Ebay is we do not know whether we are getting what we have paid for. The real thing can looked very different from a picture on screen which is what I experienced recently when I purchased a tourmaline from an Ebay store. Luckily we communicated and she sent me the correct item together with a matching pair of tourmaline earrings which she gave me for free. It also turns out that I purchased the earlier item at a discounted price. So what is the  message I want to shared in this blog? I think it is important to COMMUNICATE before making any irreversible action like blaming or pointing fingers at the fault of others. There are people who have intention to cheat your money but I am sure there are also many honest dealer who will honor fair deal. In my case,I am lucky that the seller is a really nice lady who make sure her mistake did not become a bad experience for me!


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