General Election 2015

GE 2015 001b

I do not wish to be involve in politics of any kind, but I kinda enjoy hearing/watching people discussing about serious issues that may change our life. Will a change in method of governing the country be better or for the worst, no one can tell. Not now at least. This year general election really turns the otherwise boring school holiday into a “carnival”, or a “circus” where all related parties gathered to bring a show to the audiences. You don’t have to pay a ticket to watch the show, but you have to pay a price through your votes. It seems that the future of Singapore lies in our votes. At least it seems that we can change our future for the better!


Creative Market 2015







Personally I enjoyed this year Creative Market organised by TCZ Studio. The reasons are mainly because the venue is good (location, size, convenient) and the crowd is consistent since Raffles City is a shopping mall. I did get to make some new friends and not forgetting to buy some comic books and handmade items. It is a wonderful experience and I’m looking forward to the event next year!

Creative Market 2015 @ City Hall – Raffles City Level 3 – The Atrium




This is a SG50 event organised by TCZ Studio. Last year the Creative Market was held at the Central Library podium area but this year it is inside Raffles City shopping mall. I guess the crowd will be different this year since the organiser are going to give out FREE comic book. This is a special edition comic book with Singapore content and only 50,000 copies printed in total. Looks a lot in number but there won’t be any reprint. Don’t miss it! Do come take free book on 16th May Saturday. The event is between 10am till 8.45pm. Don’t forget to check out my cartooning workshops at See you there:)


Annabel’s “Life of Wolfy”




Annabel is a student in my cartooning/art class which she attended every Saturday. She has since created a series of wolf characters which “Wolfy” is the main character in this comic strip. It is always a delight for me to read comics done by children because this is where you really feel the power of innocence (drawing) and the pure intention in story telling.

Singapore Original Comics Festival 2015 (Art Exhibition)



The Singapore Original Comics Festival 2015 begins on 18th April and lasted for about a month.

Opening Ceremony on this coming Saturday 18th April 2015
Time: 11.30 am
Venue: Central Public Library Basement 1 Exhibition Area.
(MRT: Bugis, City Hall)
Guest of Honor: Ms Peggy Leong, Deputy Director (Arts & Youth),
National Arts Council

Do check out the exciting programme at


Facts & the Truth

Fact: The recent traffic law states that drivers using or holding a device while driving will               be penalized.


pin pong cartoons 16


Fact:  A minister has said that service for the country cannot be measured in                                 dollars and cents.


pin pong cartoons 18


Fact:  The government has urged that Singaporean should stay around during the period              of SG50 celebration.


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