My name is He Shuxin. I am a Cartoonist and an Art Educator in Singapore. Teaching cartooning is my profession and I have conducted many cartooning workshops in schools since the year 2001. I have coached students at the comfort of their home, at learning centres and at corporate workshops.

My Rediscover Cartooning programmes, Rediscover Cartoon Creation and Rediscover Comics Making (to name a few), are registered with the National Arts Council Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP) under the branding, ComixGuru. I am also a registered art instructor under the Arts Music Instructor Scheme (AMIS).

Cartooning is not just an interest but a passion to me. I enjoy the pleasure of creating cartoon characters, building a world for my creation and letting them tell their stories. I believe that imagination is not only wonderful but the best thing it can happen to anyone. Imagination has no barrier. Imagination has no generation gap. Imagination gives you wings to fly without the big talk on gravity. However, it is sad to see that many children at young has already chosen reality over the imaginary realm. They grew up telling you what are facts other than what they can do to change the facts.

My cartoons may not be wonder pills that can make a better world, but I hope it can increase a little bit of your humour, question a little bit on your views about our society, broaden a little bit of your perspective, and hopefully you can begin to enjoy the lighter side of life. Life is after all like a game of pin pong!






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