About Pin Pong Comix

The sound of a “ping pong” surfaces from my mind when I’m thinking of a suitable name for my cartoon creation. I want a name that is simple, light, informal, easy to remember, but most importantly, it has to represent the feelings of us living in this small nation.

Singapore is a small nation and almost visually unnoticeable from the world map. This small nation is quite different from other nations of the world. We may have a thriving city and economy; we may be sheltered from natural disasters; we may seems to be prosperous, protected and even being envied to be one of the safest places on this civilised world, but we are constantly struggling to accept identities that caged us as a citizen and a nation.

Perhaps the question of national identities are still taking shape, just like a ping pong ball and a paddle, we are constantly hitting the ball with our paddle, and sometime it takes two or four people/culture to play this game of identity.

Pin Pong is not about playing a game of table tennis, but a platform to express my feelings for this Singa Nation that I used to know; knowing it now and also knowing that our future lies in our imagination.


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